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a Php-Gtk NewsReader...

NewzRider is a complete newsreader and written in Php with the PhpGtk library. Easyly configurable and evolutive...
Christian Etuy (

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. 22/08/2002: SourceForge Forum Reader 1.0 released (Download)
I have written a new plug-in for my apps, and that can be
used by all others apps written in php-gtk hosted by
"hosted by sourceforge" because this plug-in read the
forum pages of a sourceforge project and display it in the apps.
Please note that this plug-in is only a reader. User
cannot post a message in the forum.
[ ScreenShot ]

. 24/01/2002: Php-Gtk new Release: Version 0.5.0 (ChangeLog)
...This version include new possibility: loading and displaying images...
So, a new version of NewzRider will be out soon... :-)

. 17/01/2002: First Release !!! (Download)
After a long time of test and several internal release: I need you !
...My Linux has crashed... and this release has been tested only under Win32..
So please report in the forum if you download and try NewzRider under Linux.

. 22/11/2001: Another Screenshot...
This is the part where you can subscribe to a newsgroup... screenshot

. 14/11/2001: First Screenshot...
You can see here a screenshot from a Win32 version of NewzRider.